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About Kitesurfholidays.com

The team behind Kitesurfholidays have two things in common. 1) They love to kite, and 2) they love to travel. Between us we have ticked off pretty much every major kitesurfing destination on the planet. We've been everywhere: from Sri Lanka, to Sydney to Sidi Kaouki! And everywhere in between...

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On our travels we found that it wasn't always easy to find the right kind of spots close to the beach and - if we were just away for a few days and were looking to minimise the hassle by hiring equipment - we often found that we would book somewhere to stay and then spend the first day or our trip searching for the kite centre and getting ourselves sorted out... Which is a day less on the water.

So we set up Kitesurfholidays.com.

Kitesurfholidays.com takes all of the hassle out of finding somewhere to stay, but also gets you lined up with somewhere to hire kit or to take some lessons. The accommodation guy, knows the hire guy, who knows the instructor guy. Everything works smoothly, and you can get it all set up in one booking.

It's the perfect solution. Which means that you get to spend more time on the water which is - when it comes to it - what kitesurf holidays are all about!

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Who We Are

Nick - Director, Kitesurf Holidays


Director, Kitesurf Holidays

Perfect kite day: My perfect day is a 7m or 9m on turquoise flat water. I love kiting with friends and actually enjoy some more of the busier locations in the world as you get to watch really decent people ride which inspires you to push yourself and test your own personal limits.

Favourite Kite and board: I tend to ride North kit. Something with a bit of grunt, but predictable. I like to be able to switch direction quickly and like the feel of constant power. I tend to ride a twinny, but can be found trying to ride strapless when the mood takes me.

Best kite trip: I had the chance to visit Bermuda a while back. It's not on the main circuit with regards to kiting, but I found myself at the southernmost tip of the island with wait deep, warm crystal clear water, one other kiter and me just cruising. I was just beginning then and had only kited in wetsuits and cold murky water. It always stands out in my mind as the session that got me totally hooked!

Al - Director, Kitesurf Holidays


Director, Kitesurf Holidays

Perfect kite day: I love to ride in the waves so anything in the surf works for me. I'm a regular footer so right to left wind is my dream - especially if conditions are a bit onshore. Of course most of the spots I ride tend to be right to left! But whether it's Mauritius or a sloppy day somewhere in Europe, if there's a lip to aim for I'm happy!

Favourite kite and board: For kites I like anything mellow! I don't want anything that's going to pull me about too much so a dedicated surf kite or a freeride kite that doesn't mind being thrown around a bit… For board, I do like them light. So anything which comes in under the 3kg mark will work for me.

Best kite trip: I love to travel and I'm not a massive fan of crowds so I have had some memorable trips where you've just got a hire car and your kit and keep one eye on the road and the other on the beach. Morocco ticks all the boxes for that kind of trip.

Ben - Blogging and online marketing


Blogging and online marketing

Perfect kite day: For me the anticipation is almost the biggest thing! I love eyeing up a long range forecast and the anticipation of great conditions. Then before dawn I pick up a few mates and we're on our way to the beach. By the time we round the bend that finally reveals the ocean and the sky changes from grey to blue over the beach, and lines of swell turn to swathes of white water near the shore. There are white caps everywhere. I realise I've been holding my breath and let it out with a soft "yewwwwwwww!". That's where the magic begins for me…

Favourite kite and board: The Enduro II 9m is an all-round weapon. If I could only have one kite this would be it, and I wouldn't even feel like I was compromising 95% of the time. My board is an old North Gambler which cost me £150 (with boots) which I refuse to replace despite having re-sewn the boots three times and patched the board up twice. For strapless I currently ride a noseless board but am going to go back to a more 'surfy' shape. For foiling I ride the Moses Fluente - I learnt on it two years ago and I'm still not bored of it, although I'd like to try something faster and something with bigger wings for surf.

Best kite trip: I've had some good ones, and some great ones, and the great ones all have the same things in common. We go somewhere nobody we know has ever been, and we spend as much time looking at maps and forecasts as we do in the water. Those trips are the ones that I think are worth remembering, because to be honest I rarely remember a wave, or a trick, and even the feeling of kitesurfing till your body gives out is only really worth remembering if you can remember it with your mates.

Cai - Marketing Director


Marketing Director

Perfect kite day: I've only been kiting since 2017 so my perfect day is a day when I don't end up on my face! I'm loving the feeling of getting more confident and making long runs and of staying upwind. My mates told me that it was an easy sport to learn and it is - there have been lots of smiles and I'm happy with my progress. And I'm now staring out the window constantly to see if the wind has picked up!

Favourite kite and board: I learnt with the Cabrinha Radar and Stylus which were super friendly to use. I've now bought my first 'quiver' which is a set of Cabrinha Switchblades and a Spectrum and it's great to progress on that.

Best kite trip: I really turbo-charged my progress with a trip to Dakhla. That place is insane! Perfect wind every day, shallow water and the whole set up is super safe. I loved it. On top of that the food was epic and there is a real vibe that you are somewhere totally different to anywhere you go in Europe. I hope to start riding in the waves soon so on my next trips I will be heading back to the lagoon and also to the Atlantic Ocean side as well. That place has it all!

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