5 reasons why you should learn to kitesurf 

Have you watched kitesurfers ripping at your local beach or during your last holiday and thought to yourself: Wow, this is something I would like to try?

Time to give it a go! We think there are a million reasons why you should take up kitesurfing, but to give you a glimpse of what a kitesurfing life can look like, we’ve made it easy for you and identified the top five reasons why you should learn to kitesurf.


  • Being active is good for your health


Most of us spend too many hours in an office behind a desk and working long hours means that, when it’s finally weekend or holiday, we just want to chill without doing too much. Physical activity becomes a chore for which you simply don’t have the energy.

We don’t blame you. Spending boring hours inside a gym after you’ve already spent the whole week indoors doesn’t sound tempting, to say the least. And this is why kitesurfing is so amazing. You’re being active and at the same time you’re having so much fun that it never feels like an annoying workout.  


  • Spending time in nature allows you to switch off


There are times when you just need to completely switch off and do something that has absolutely nothing to do with work. Sure, lots of sports will give you that opportunity you might say, however kitesurfing is different because being out there in the elements really clears your mind. Some say for them kitesurfing is like meditation; it calms your mind and brings you happiness.

Kitesurfing alleviates stress and the pressures of modern life and allows you to become one with nature, so you can recharge your batteries and start the next day with renewed energy – not to mention with a massive smile on your face.


  • Taking up a new challenge will boost your confidence


When was the last time you truly challenged yourself? One thing that people often seem to think, is that kitesurfing is a very difficult sport.

Let us tell you: Kitesurfing is a lot less difficult than it seems, and, contrary to public perception, doesn’t require physical strength to being able to learn. Sure, there are certain dangers that come with kitesurfing, just as with any other action sport, which is why it’s all the more important that you take lessons with qualified instructors who will teach you the essential safety know-how procedures.

So, get out of your comfort zone and book those first lessons. As you get used to the kite and get up on the board for the first time, you’ll be super happy and proud of yourself for this first step into the world of kiteboarding.


  • You’ll meet like-minded people & make new friends


Over the years, particularly windy destinations around the globe have become popular kiteboarding destinations, which attract likeminded people from all around the world. Nothing is easier than meeting fellow kitesurfers on a beach and often these encounters turn into lifelong friendships. Kiteboarding brings people from different backgrounds and cultures together and unites them in their love for this amazing sport.


  • You’ll travel to amazing places


Lastly, your kitesurfing journey will take you to some amazing places. Top kitesurfing destinations include countries as exciting and diverse as South Africa, Morocco, Greece, Canary Islands, Egypt and Mauritius, to name a few. Being a kitesurfer, you’ll want to visit some of these places, not only to boost your riding skills in perfect conditions but also to explore the local cultures and of course to meet other kitesurfers.

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To sum it up: Kitesurfing will change your life for the better. The question is not why to learn to kitesurf, but why not? Try it and you’ll know what we mean.