Best 5 Kitesurf Places & Camps in Europe for Easter and Summer

If you are even considering a kitesurf holiday in Europe this year, then you probably want to know where the best places in Europe are to kite.  With so many camps and choices, it is difficult to know.  Where is the wind going to be?  Where has flat water or waves?  Luckily for you, we at have all the answers.  And if you have any more questions then get in touch and we can guide to you the best kitesurf posts in Europe accordi9ng to your need and ability. 


1)  Rhodes, Greece 

For me, Greece is about the best place to kitesurf in the summer.  Warm water, great consistent wind, lovely food and a laid-back lifestyle all combine to give you the perfect kitesurf holiday.   

Rhodes, Theologos beach is as good as they come.  With great wind from Easter to Autumn, warm water and a great vibe makes for the perfect destination.  A great new development, right on the beach with stunning cabins and a pool.  Theologos Beach Villas has it all. 



2)  Sicily, Lo Stagnone 

Sicily is the king of flat water.  If you want mirror like conditions and amazing wind from April through to September then look no further.  Our favourite spot here is Pro Kite Alby Rondina.  Who have the best new kit, amazing villas and excellent tuition.  A package here is the perfect way to push your kiting to the next level, or learn a great new activity. 



3)  Spain, Tarifa 

Say no more.  The center of the kitesurf universe, the best wind in Europe, a party town and the place where the Pros like to hang out.  They say you get wind madness if you stay here too long.  But fortunately the wind doesn’t come in till late morning, so you get to sleep in a little!  A great town vibe and more kite centers and camps than you can imagine.   One of the best is Kitecamp Tarifa.  Offering packages of accommodation and lessons, or just a place to stay.  Close to the beach and a lovely relaxed vibe. 



4)  Canaries, Fuerteventura 

A personal favourite, and a consistent winner all year round.  The sheer consistency of the wind is incredible with days kiting per year very high.  Even on low wind days, the camps take you out in boats where there is always breeze and you can ride open ocean.  It is just incredible. 

Point Break Kitesurf Camp do this very well indeed.  A package of accommodation and lessons is perfect if you are just beginning or wanting to improve your technique. 



 5)  Morocco, Essaouira.   

Ok, not strictly Europe, but kitesurfing Morocco is always both an adventure and a perfect kitesurf holiday.  Steady thermal winds, produced by the Sahara dessert .  Amazing cultural experience, top cuisine mixed with a laid back lifestyle.  Essaouira is great because it has a mixture of flat water and waves so you have choices, whatever your riding style.  Our friends at Ananas kitesurfing offer great affordable packages for one or two people, including lessons, breakfast and more. 



Whatever you need from a kitewsurfing holiday in Europe, just get in touch with us and we can guide in in the right direction.


See you in the water - Nick