Choosing where to go on your next kitesurfing holiday is not always the simplest task. However, there are a few places out there that everyone can agree on. Many, even, as so good that they are considered to be bucket list destinations for kitesurfers.


Here we give you a run down on some kitesurf spots that are on our bucket lists and hopefully, will feature on yours soon as well.


1. Morocco



Of course, to warrant a place on anybody’s kitesurfing bucket list, the kitesurfing itself needs to blow you away. But let’s face it, you will not be spending your entire holiday on the water - as much as we would like that! So a destination must entertain and intrigue you. Step forward Morocco.


This country is a playground for adrenaline inducing sports, particularly along the sundrenched coastline, all 1,800 kilometers of it. While you can head to the northern part of the country, it is Morocco’s exposed Atlantic coastline that is really a kitesurfer’s paradise. With 300 days of winds a year, you really will be spoilt with prime conditions.



On land you can brush up on your bartering skills in the souks, stacked to the rafters in leather goods, carpets and jewelry, take in the ancient history, or sample some of the wonderful local cuisine.


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2. Brazil



You will need an entire book to really do Brazil justice when describing the plethora of reasons to visit. There is certainly no chance of you twiddling your thumbs in the evenings when you book a kitesurf holiday to Brazil. A land of vibrant colour; get swept up in the samba carnivals, die-hard passion for sport, sprawling metropolises, luscious rainforests and miles upon miles of golden shores.



Brazil is quickly, but not so quietly, becoming one of the hottest kiting destinations in the world. For around nine months of the year you will be spoilt by perfect wind, while immense sand dunes and pristine turquoise lagoons punctuate thousands of kilometers of coastline. You could be a complete novice, or a seasoned pro, but either way you will find the perfect spot for you in Brazil.


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3. South Africa



Watersports and South Africa really do go hand-in-hand. In fact, if you want to mingle with like-minded folk, then this may well be your perfect spot, as thousands of professional and seasoned surfers head here. You really have so many options available to you in South Africa. You can stick with all of the spots in and around Cape Town, like Dolphin Beach, or head out along the famous Garden Route.



Still somehow not tempted by South Africa? Imagine combining your time on the water with a few days spent out on safari in one of the National Parks? There are not that many places in the world where you can do both in one trip.  


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4. Mauritius



Few can argue that a trip to the Mauritius is not worthy of featuring on anyone’s bucket list. This island in the Indian Ocean has long since been one of the most desirable luxury destinations on the planet, courtesy of its perfect white beaches, crystal clear waters and tropical climate.



You have such an array of spots to choose when kitesurfing in Mauritius. The most popular of which is within the Le Morne Peninsula, the epicentre of watersport on the island. Consistent offshore winds lap a shallow lagoon, bordered by a beautiful reef. It is the perfect location for beginners and experience kiters alike. Though you can venture elsewhere, perhaps to Bel Ombre, Belle Mare or to the north of the island.


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5. Costa Rica


Nestled between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is Costa Rica, a haven for nature lovers, thrill seekers and anyone looking for a bit of R&R. The Central American island may not be a year-round destination, but it certainly makes up for it between October and May.



On either the Atlantic or Pacific coast you will be able to find plenty of popular spots for kiting, but if you want to discover your own kitesurfing oasis there are plenty of hidden spots.


Costa Rica’s stunning natural landscape, incredible biodiversity and an atmosphere so laid back it is practically horizontal make it the perfect kitesurfing holiday destination for people looking to seek serenity for a couple of weeks.


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Few bucket lists are ever the same. They are a reflection of you, your personality, interests and tastes. So whether your dream kitesurfing holiday involves the hustle and bustle of a nearby city or the tranquility of a remote island location, kitesurfholidays will have a destination for you.