If you wanted to find a recipe for the perfect beach, there are a number of ingredients you need. Let's start with an exotic destination, a flawless stretch of white-sand beach stretching as far as the eye can see, warm waters and surfable waves. Sound about right? This paradise you are imagining is not some fictional oasis, it is in fact a very real destination situated on Africa’s east coast. We are talking about Diani Beach, Kenya.


As a country Kenya has a list of reasons to visit as long as a giraffe’s neck. You have the option of heading inland and seeking Africa’s immense ecosystem on safari, mount Kilimanjaro as well as the hustle and bustle of Mombasa and Nairobi. Add onto that an incredible coastline and you can see why so many flock to the country every year.


But before you go ahead and book your kitesurfing holiday to Diani, let us guide you through everything you need to know about Diani.


Who should book a holiday to Diani?


Anyone! Backpackers, families and honeymooners alike will all fall in love with Diani. As a destination Kenya certainly fits into the luxury category if you are wanting to take a very special kitesurfing holiday. Equally, the local prices makes it suitable for a younger crowd to go for a week or two and have an unforgettable experience.


What makes Diani special?


How many other kitesurfing destinations can offer the variety that Kenya and Diani beach can? Alongside a seemingly endless selection of things to do, you have the locals. You will not have seen smiles as wide as those that will greet you along Kenya’s coast. The infectious personalities of the local people will live fondly in your memory, just as much as any bucket-list activity you end up doing.


But what if it isn’t windy?

Well, it rarely isn’t. But should there be a time when conditions are flat, or if you just fancied a bit of time onland, there is so much you can do on and around the beach.



Diani has been one of Kenya’s most popular destinations, so it does have the necessary amenities to keep you entertained. But this is not to say that things have been excessively Westernised. Just a short walk can take you to one of the many local markets, where you can try your hand at Kenyan bartering. Or stick to the beach, where you will likely be invited to play the locals in a game of beach football, touch rugby or volleyball.


That is all well and good, but what is the kitesurfing like?



Brilliant. Watersports, and kitesurfing in particular, have really grown in Kenya in recent years. Diani is by far the best place to do it in the country, with more and more schools and equipment rentals popping up along the beach.


The waters off of Diani offer perfect conditions for both the flat freestylers and wave-hungry surfers. Northeasterly winds blow almost constantly through October to April. Kenya’s dry season runs from June until late September, during which it can be extremely hot. That said, there are good kitesurfing conditions to be had during that time.


But if you were look for assured winds and wanted to book your holiday between October and April, expect temperatures between 25 and 29 degrees celsius.


The fact is, Diani really needs to be seen to be believed. There is simply no other kitesurfing destination where you will be sharing the a pristine white beach with Maasai Warrior and baboons.


So stop fantasising. Check out our latest offers and book your kitesurfing holiday to Diani today!