Are you thinking of taking kite vacation to South Africa? Are you too amped about the ever consistent wind, countless launch options, and perfect weather to even begin to work out the logistics of your trip? Same, man… Same. But, no worries. We got you, buddy. Stay tuned for a quick rundown of everything you need to know about your next kitesurf holiday in South Africa.


Why should I choose South Africa as the destination for my kitesurf vacation?

South Africa is home to some of the world’s best kitesurfing beaches. The spots range from flatwater, to chop, to waves, so South Africa really is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Not to mention the wind in SA is incredibly consistent which is key for a killer session. South Africa has more to offer than just kitesurfing, though. The social scene and night life is absolutely buzzing all around SA. There are countless options for bars, restaurants, and hangouts for you and your friends to enjoy after a day on the water.


So how many kite “spots” are there?

The options really are endless in South Africa… but the three main kitesurf meccas to choose from are Cape Town, the Atlantic Cape, and the Eastern Cape. Choose just one and you’ll have a full range of launch options.


Which mecca would you choose?

Personally, I’d go for Cape Town. Cape Town’s Big Bay is where Red Bull’s King of the Air competition is held every February. That said, the area is built up really well for tourists with tons of restaurants, bars, shops, and activities for no-wind days.


Besides Big Bay, what are some other kite spots in Cape Town?

Ah! There are tons! For flatwater/freestyle spots I’d recommend Langebaan, Shark’s Bay, or Veldriff. They’re known for buttery-flat water which is great for twin-tip riders, freestylers, and beginners. As for wave spots, I’d still visit Big Bay. Big Bay really gives you the best of both worlds with some super nice swell along with some flatter, small chop water. Other than Big Bay, Melkbos or Yzerfontein are great wave destinations. Please note,  though, that Yzerfontein is only suitable for advanced wave riders! Some other notable Cape Town kite spots are listed here.


I am set on going to Cape Town, but where should I stay?

My top choice would definitely be The Mystic House. The Mystic House is actually the official accommodation for the Red Bull King of the Air which is pretty sick. It’s location is second to none, as its situated right on the beach of Big Bay within walking distance of good restaurants and bars (and just a short drive to plenty more options). We actually have some additional booking info here if you’re interested!

mystic house


Sweet, man, thanks!

No problem, enjoy your trip! See you on the water!