Cumbuco is internationally recognized as one of the best kitesurfing places in the world (if not the best). It is located in the Northeast of Brazil, just 30 minutes from Fortaleza Airport. It is the home town of the three times kiteboarding World Champion of Freestyle, Carlos Mario “Bebe”, as well as a mandatory stop for all pro kitesurfers. You can stop in one of the flat water lagoons to practice your best tricks, or drive a little outside the village for incredible wave spots or kilometric crossings along the coast making epic downwinders. 


Kitesurfing Conditions in Cumbuco:

Best Season: June to January

Traffic: Not too crowded, except at the lagoons and right in front of the main village.

Working wind directions: E, ESE, SE

Water Conditions: Choppy (ocean), flat (lagoons)

Level of Riding: All levels


Switching from sideoffshore to sideshore, sometimes sideonshore. Best time is from August to January with almost 100% wind, picking up at around 10am and blowing till your sunset session. Even in the wet season (February to May) the wind shows up for a few hours in at least 70% of the days.


Average Temperature and Percentage of Windy Days x Month

Green bars show the percentage of days for each month with more than 4Bft (11-16knots):


Pros for Kitesurfing in Cumbuco:

+ Infrastructure to travel with your family

+ Direct flights to Fortaleza Airport from Europe 

+ Ideal for beginners

+ Very easily accessible

+ No need for wetsuits at all


Cons for Kitesurfing in Cumbuco:

- It can get crowded on the weekends


Closest Airport to Cumbuco:

Fortaleza (FOR)


How to Get to Cumbuco

  • From Fortaleza Airport (FOR)

Drive: 32,5 km - 33min - Approximate fuel cost:  4€

Taxi Ride – 32,5 km - 33min - 18€ - 22€

Uber - 32,5 km - 33min - 15€ - 17€


How to get around Cumbuco:

Most of the kite schools and kite centers are walking distance from Cumbuco village. If you don’t want to get a rental car, make sure you book a place next to the spot.


One good thing to do is start your downwinder at your school nearby the village and hire a “buggy” to drive you back from the final point (Cauípe Lagoon) back to the village. It should cost around 10-15€ one way (each person). If you’re in a group, this price is easily negotiable, as everything in Ceará.


Renting a car in Brazil is not expensive – it starts from 100€ for a week (Mini or Economic). If you’re planning to rent a car it’s better to book it in one of the rental cars at Fortaleza Airport as the prices for car rentals in Cumbuco are way much higher.


Kite Spots in Cumbuco:

Cumbuco Beach

Cumbuco Beach (or Praia do Cumbuco, in Portuguese) is a 7km of white sand lined with coconut trees. Usually the water is choppy conditions getting more ridable after 3pm when the wind drops a bit. During the peak of the tide it can be extremely choppy but decreasing as the tide starts going down. As the tide rises, waves get stronger and bigger and waters become even choppier. The more leeward, the bigger the waves. Sometimes an excellent swell comes in.


Cauípe Lagoon

This lagoon is located 6,7km outside the village and right next to the sea, where a very narrow sandbank separates the two. It’s a very popular final point for downwinders. Superflat water, ideal for beginners. You will probably share the space with the world’s best riders during the peak season, as this is the spot they choose for their championship training. It’s usually quiet during the morning, getting busier after 1pm. There are many awesome chill-out spots surrounding the lagoon where you can grab a beer or a bite to eat whilst watching pro’s in action.


Tabuba Lagoon

Tabuba lagoon is situated directly at the road between Cumbuco and Icaraí. You can access this spot by buggy or 4x4. It’s only a 10 minutes bus ride away from the village. It’s a 10 min ride and costs less than 1€. Buses are leaving in front of the Cumbuco Guesthouse or from anywhere on the main road. Ask the locals about the water condition before you go as depending on it’s level it’s not recommended to kite during low tide.


Popular Downwinders:

Tabuba to Cumbuco – 7km, 45min (Beginner)

Wave Secret Spot to Cumbuco – 21km, 2 hours (Advanced)

Cumbuco to Cauipe – 7km, 1hour (intermediate)

Cumbuco to Taiba – 22km, 2 hours (Advanced)

Cumbuco to Paracurú – 42km, 4 hours (Advanced)


No Wind Activities in Cumbuco:


Walking on the dunes


Horse Riding

Day trip to Fortaleza Markets

Some Nightlife in the Village

Great Nightlife in Fortaleza, 30 min drive.


KSH Partners in Cumbuco:

Duro Beach Hotel & Kitecenter – Nightly from 40€


Windtown Beach Hotel – Nightly from 65€