Kitesurfing Conditions in Rhodes:

Best Season: April to October

Traffic: Very Crowded

Working wind directions: N, NW, NNW

Water Conditions: Flat, sometimes choppy

Level of Riding: Intermediate


The wind season is from April to October. The peak season starts in July and goes till mid September with the Meltemi winds blowing 6-7 days a week.


West-north/westerly direction offers the ideal side-side onshore condition from the left. The wind is usually lighter in the early morning, picking up at about 13:00 and continuously blows into the sunset.


Average Temperature and Percentage of Windy Days x Month

Green bars show the percentage of days for each month with more than 4Bft (11-16knots):


Pros for Kitesurfing in Rhodes:

+ Nice bars and restaurants
+ Very chilled vibes
+ Lots of no-wind-activities

+ Great nightlife!


Cons for Kitesurfing in Rhodes:

– Need a car to get to the spots (but the car rental is super cheap!)
– Spots get busy during peak season.


Closest Airport to Rhodes:

Diagoras (RHO)


How to Get to Rhodes:

By high season almost every airport in Northern Europe has non stop flights to Rhodes, including the major cities in UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Italy Poland and France. Flights from Europe mainland take about 3 to 5 hours, and round trip prices start at 300€.


Alternatively you can fly to Athens and take a car ferry to Rhodes. The journey takes around 13 hours and costs between 40-120€.


How to get around Rhodes:

Rhodes has a huge selection of rental cars, scooters, motorbikes, bicycles at affordable prices and it's the best option to move around.


Prices for renting an economic car for a week start from 70€.


Taxis are also a good and cheap option.


Some buses run all day long to all the directions from Rhodes town. Once you are in the village, everything is within walking distance, so it's perfect!


Kite Spots in Rhodes:

  • Prasonisi

Prasonisi is located in the south of Rhodes island, about 90 kms from the city of Rhodes. It consists on a strip of sand connecting the mainland of Rhodes and a small island. Right of this beach strip, there is a wave spot. Left of it, flat water can be found. The wind direction is onshore on the wave side and offshore on the flat water side. On the wave side, kitesurfers and windsurfers can find good conditions for wave riding. The height of the waves depends on the wind and ranges from about 0.5 to 2 meters. On the other side of the sandbar, you can find flat water and the wind direction is offshore. Near the shore, there is a shallow water area of about 10 to 30 m. Attention, this spot is not really ideal for unaccompanied beginners (neither on nor off is practical for a beginner). On the other hand, it offers superb conditions for intermediate and advanced riders, with a warm and regular wind in season. It is also the place of the island with the strongest wind. It's quiet, a few beach restaurants, that's all. If you come with family, you should consider staying in one of the northern spots.

  • Theologos

Theologos is situated on the north west of the island. The well known Meltemi winds blowing from West – North West mainly, create a perfect side, side onshore wind and, combined with the endless uncrowded spot, give Theologos beach the title of the best spot in Rhodes island for beginner kiteboarders.

  • Kremasti

Situated on the north of the island on the west coast, 12 kms from Rhodes City. The wind is slightly lighter than in the south (but still gets around 18/20 knots in the afternoon). It blows side shore and the body of water, although choppy, allows good sessions. It is often flatter at the beginning of the day, and it rises with the wind.


No Wind Activities in Rhodes:



Beautiful Beach Walks

Sightseeing Rhodes City

Visit village of Lindos

Day trip to Simy island


KSH Partners in Rhodes:

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