Lo Stagnone lagoon is part of the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea - Sicily. This gorgeous island continues to seduce travelers not only with its amazing diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures (other activities) but lately, Lo Stagnone Lagoon became one of the most popular kitesurf destination in Europe. 


Kitesurfing Conditions in Lo Stagnone:

Best Season: May to September

Traffic: Crowded

Working wind directions: N, NNE, W, WNW, NW, NNW

Water Conditions: Flat (lagoon), Waves (Outside the island)

Level of Riding: All levels


There is no season in Sicily! Wind is blowing all year long! The most reliable are autumn and spring where the wind tends to get stronger, while the summers are warm and heating of the lagoon creates regular thermic wind perfect for 9-12m kites. Winters are also great, but pack thicker wetsuit.


Average Temperature and Percentage of Windy Days x Month

Green bars show the percentage of days for each month with more than 4Bft (11-16knots):


Pros for Kitesurfing in Lo Stagnone:

+ Infrastructure to travel with your family

+ Just a short flight from most of Europe mainland. 

+ Ideal for beginners


Cons for Kitesurfing in Lo Stagnone:

- It can get crowded during the peak season


Closest Airport to Lo Stagnone:

Trapani Birgi (TPS) or Palermo (PMO)


How to Get to Lo Stagnone:

  • From Trapani Birgi (TPS)

Drive: 5 km - 7min - Approximate fuel cost:  1€

Taxi Ride – 5km - 7min - 12€ -15€

  • From Palermo (PMO):

Drive: 93,8 km – 1h03min - Approximate fuel cost:  12€ - 19€


How to get around Lo Stagnone:

Most of the accommodation available are right on the lagoon or close to it. If you don’t want to get a rental car, make sure you book a place next to the spot.


Renting a car in Sicily is not expensive – it starts from 100€ for a week (Mini or Economic).


Kite Spots in Lo Stagnone:

  • Lagoon

Lo Stagnone Lagoon is a real kitesurfing playground! While in front of the schools it can get a bit crowded, mediocre kiter has no problem to kite away for 5 minutes and find empty spot with flat water where he can kite in complete solitude. With the different wind directions lagoon offer many different spots with unique characteristics. Sandy beaches around the island, flat water behind broken salina (salt fields) walls, big downwinders or kite all the way up to the sea with some waves.

It’s obviously perfect for beginners. Possibly one of the easiest and safest places to learn to kite. Lagoon has a soft muddy ground, so even if you crash in an ankle deep water, it feels soft like a foam. There is no chop to disturb your first waterstart and when you crash your board is literally few steps away.

  • Waves

The wave riders can also find their fun nearby, outside of the lagoon on San Teodoro or Puzziteddu.


No Wind Activities in Lo Stagnone:




Wine Tasting

Exploring Sicily

Italian Food

Some Nightlife


KSH Partners in Lo Stagnone:

ProKite by Alby Rondina – Nightly from 40€


Oasi Guzetta Apartments – Nightly from 75€