Kitesurfing Conditions in Dakhla:

Best Season: March to September

Traffic: Crowded

Working wind directions: N, NE, NNE

Water Conditions: Flat, Chop

Level of Riding: All levels


Situated on the edge of the Western Sahara desert, the Dakhla peninsula shelters a huge 45 kilometer long flat water lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean with more than 300 days of wind per year.


Lighter in the morning, you’ll find great learning conditions with the wind peaking early afternoon before dropping towards sunset at 7pm. Sometimes it can be a bit gusty but still quite stable and good for progressing or learning kitesurfing.


Average Temperature and Percentage of Windy Days x Month

Green bars show the percentage of days for each month with more than 4Bft (11-16knots):


Pros for Kitesurfing in Dakhla:

+ Very high wind chance year round
+ Huge lagoon with lots of space
+ All-level spot ideal for beginners and advanced
+ Both flatwater and wave spots.
+ Downwind options
+ Kitesurf luggage is currently for free if you fly with Royal Air Maroc


Cons for Kitesurfing in Dakhla:

 No nightlife, remote place
 Direct flights only from Paris Orly


Closest Airport to Dakhla:

Dakhla (VIL)


How to Get to Dakhla:

The only direct flight for Europe is from Paris Orly (flying Transavia).


Most flights from Europe are connected to Dakhla via Casablanca, usually with an hour or two stopover.


One great thing to know is that Air Maroc offers free of charge kitesurf luggage up to 23kg (additionally to your normal luggage).


How to get around Dakhla:

Unless you only want to kite at the town’s main wave spot, the best option is to book accommodation at the lagoon where the offerings now cater for all tastes and budgets; most are all-inclusive meaning you can just kite, relax and enjoy good food and drink without having to worry about anything much more than that.


If you want to explore, then the option you have is getting a transport with the hotel to the different spots.  4×4 transfers from the camps to the waves take between five to twenty minutes, depending on which camp you stay at and should cost around 10€  per person, one way.


Rental cars at VIL airport should cost around 25 to 30€ a day.


Kite Spots in Dakhla:

  • Dakhla Lagoon – Chop Water

The lagoon is a big playground with standing area. The water is mostly flat, sometimes it gets choppy. If you want butterflat water the Speed Spot a.k.a. freestyle heaven with offshore wind is your place to be, with the water being most flat at low tide.

  • Oum Lamboiur - Waves

Especially with lower tide you can catch some nice waves. The best waves are from October until May,when the wind chance is not the highest, so if you want to kitesurf in the waves the best months are October and March since then the wind chance is still the highest.

The wind is a few knots lighter on the ocean compared to the lagoon and is very gusty inside of the bay. When you ride a bit out of the bay it gets more stable but still feels gustier than the lagoon.

This spot can be found in Google Maps under a different way of spelling as well, e.g. “Oum Lbouer”.


No Wind Activities in Dakhla:

Wakeboard and Skate in Dakhla Attitude

Sup Trips

Catamaran Sailing


Visiting the Oyster farm

Walking around Dakhla town



KSH Partners in Dakhla Lagoon (Flat):

Dakhla Attitude Hotel – Nightly from 100€ (All Inclusive)


PK25 Dakhla – Nightly from 227€ (All Inclusive)


Dakhla Kite Surf World - Nightly from 176€ (All Inclusive)


KSH Partners in Oum Lamboiur (Waves):

WestPoint Dakhla Hotel – Nightly from 120€ (All Inclusive)