Kitesurfing Conditions in Obidos:

Best Season: February to October

Traffic: Crowded

Working wind directions: N, NW, NNW

Water Conditions: Flat

Level of Riding: All levels


The shallow 'Lagoa de Óbidos' is Portugal’s biggest lagoon – ideal for a kite freeride. Long fins can easily catch on the sandbars at low tide though, and there are strong currents at the mouth of the estuary. Almost all wind directions work on the lagoon, even gusty easterlies are reinforced by nearby mountains. Most riders launch near 'Foz do Arelho' – or in summer when kiting is prohibited in the estuary and northern part of the lagoon.


Average Temperature and Percentage of Windy Days x Month

Green bars show the percentage of days for each month with more than 4Bft (11-16knots):


Pros for Kitesurfing in Obidos:

+ Shallow water in the lagoon

+ Good for beginners

+ Possible to surf if there’s no wind

+ Good for both freestyle and kitewave

+ Reasonable prices


Cons for Kitesurfing in Obidos:

 Restricted area during summer (beware!)


Closest Airport to Obidos:

Lisbon (LIS)


How to Get to Obidos:

  • From Lisbon (LIS):

Drive: 85,97 km - 57min - Approximate fuel cost:  11€ - 16€

Taxi: 85,9 km - 57min - Approximate cost:  60€ - 75€

Train Ride – 3 times a day – 2h20min - 7€ -11€ - Operators: Combois de Portugal


How to Get Around Obidos:

The scenic cobblestone streets of Obidos and the city’s small size make walking through town a good idea.


Also, most of the kite schools are just a few steps from the lagoon.


Still, if you want to rent a car, prices in Portugal starts from 106€ for a week (Mini or Economic).


Kite Spots in Obidos:

  • The Estuary

This is the most famous kitesurfing spot in the Obidos region. It is possible to take off its wing from two different places: the beach of Bom Successo (the easiest spot because of its wide sandy area) and the beach of Foz de Arelho. The spot offers a vast expanse of shallow water (between 1m and 2m deep almost everywhere). Just walk over the dune to go sailing ocean side and have fun in the waves, it's magic!  Attention, these spots (lagoon side) are open to the practice of kitesurfing from 15 September to 15 June (so off summer). It is forbidden to kitesurf on the left side of the Red Line (see website) during the season of the beaches (from 15 June to 15 September). It is an imaginary line from the campsite of Foz de Arelho to the restaurant located on the beach of Bom Sucesso.

  • Interior of the Lagoon

This place is open to kitesurf all year round and the interior of the lagoon offers very good conditions throughout the summer especially thanks to the "Nortada" which is reinforced by passing the venturi created by the Hill of Foz do Arelho just E in front. Less room to take off are wing but there are feet for several hundred meters so no problem.  The shallow waters make this place the most suitable place for the progression of beginners. You will find the spot at the end of a short sandy road accessible with any vehicle.


**** BEWARE : Pay attention to the powerful current in the mouth of the lagoon at Ebb tide – it’s forbidden to ride. Also beware that’s forbidden to kite in the northern part of the lagoon between June 15th and September 15th  (if you go a little further inside you should be able to ride!). ****


No Wind Activities in Obidos:


Exploring Lisbon


Cliff walks

Mountain Biking


KSH Partners in Obidos:

The Kitesurf Lodge – Kitesurf Packages from 559€