Kitesurfing holiday Greece: Top spots Limnos


Blessed with guaranteed sunshine and clear skies, beautiful beaches with turquoise water, a spectacular history and rich cultural heritage, yummy fresh food and countless islands offering amazing kitesurfing conditions during the summer, Greece is one of the best and most established kitesurfing destinations in Europe.


Whether you’re someone who wants to give kitesurfing a go for the first time, a novice working on your upwind riding skills, or an advanced kiter who enjoys strong wind and a friendly, laid back lifestyle - Greece is the place to go.

If you’re thinking about booking a kitesurfing holiday to Greece, let us present you two of the undoubtedly best kitesurfing areas in Greece, namely the islands of Limnos and Rhodes.


Limnos – One of Greece’s best kitesurfing locations


Limnos (or Lemnos) lies in the northern part of the Aegean Sea and is famous for its unspoilt nature, secluded sand beaches and strong winds. Due to the latter the island has actually earned the nickname “the wind-ridden one” – if that isn’t a clear indication of what to expect in terms of kitesurfing then we don’t know what is.


The main town of the island is Myrina, which has a beautiful waterfront, old town and a medieval castle overlooking the town and during summer offers several outdoor cultural events.


The beaches on the eastern side of Limnos such as Keros, Gomati and Zematas are ideal spots for kitesurfing enthusiasts of all levels. From mid-May to mid-September, the ‘Meltemi’ wind blows through the Aegean Sea, a strong, dry north wind, making Limnos an ideal kitesurfing destination in the warm Mediterranean Sea. The Meltemi usually blows with a speed between 16 to 27 knots. Around midday the thermals kick in, further accelerating the wind, which usually blows until late afternoon and dies with the sunset.


Keros beach is the main kitesurf spot on the island and offers super safe, beginner friendly conditions. On top of that, Keros beach is huge and a protected ecosystem at the same time, meaning it never gets crowded, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful water colour and consistent wind to the fullest. Depending on your preferences, Keros beach offers it all: From butter flat to chop and even a small wave.

After a good session, re-fuel with locally grown fruit and vegetables and typical Greek specialties, including the island’s famous Kalathaki Limnou cheese, a local variation of feta.


On no-wind days (although we don’t think there’ll be many, if any), you can go and explore the rich history of the island. True to what we’d expect from Greece, Limnos impresses with several archaeological sites and offers some interesting facts for those of you who’re into Greek mythology.


Limnos is not all sand beaches however, but also boasts gorgeous mountainous terrain. You can explore beautiful Mother Nature through several hiking and walking trails and visit the sand dunes at the centre of the island. If you prefer to stick to water, there are many options for boat and sailing trips to nearby islands.

What to expect: Kitesurfing on Limnos means kiting in unspoilt nature and strong wind in safe conditions, away from mass tourism. Keros beach is one of Greece’s best kitesurf beaches and is suited for all levels, making a great kitesurfing holiday for groups, couples and families alike.


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