Kitesurfing Technique - The Bottom Turn

Matchu Lopes
Photo: Andrea D'Antoni

The Move

There is often much focus on the perfect ‘snap’ off the lip, or the perfect technique for launching off a wave and into an air maneuver, but neither of these things can be achieved without a well-executed bottom turn. If you are just trimming along the wave then you will not have the angle to really bring the tail of the board round, and you certainly won’t be kicking up as much spray as Matchu is here: the fact is that a good bottom turn is at the core of good waveriding and you should take the time to master it.

The ‘How To’

Having dropped in to the wave you need to spot the section that you want to hit. Unlike with surfing you have the momentum of the kite to power you, so if there is a better looking section a little bit further down the line then wait for this.

Once you have it in your sights, it is time to initiate the turn. Lead with your head and let your body and then your board follow.


On this wave the wind is pretty offshore so there is not much to do with the kite, but if the wind is more cross-shore then now is the time to send your kite up towards 12 o’clock
As you reach the wave check where the section you want to hit is again, you may need to adjust your path – you can see here that Matchu has come right round beyond 90 degrees so that he connects with the lip.


As you head towards the lip you can flatten off the board and begin to come onto the other rail to initiate your top turn.

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