Beginners Kitesurfing Holiday - Learn on vacation.

Learning to kitesurf is the perfect activity to do on holiday or vacation.  Kitesurfing is much easier than people realise, and within a few days on a kitesurfing holiday beginners can learn to ride upwind, downwind, and even get some air!  Learning to kitesurf is a perfect activity for families, couples or by yourself.  Here we give you some of the best places we know to learn kitesurfing while in a beautiful location.

Learning to Kitesurf on holiday in Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing in Fuerteventura is everywhere, but one of the main locations is Corralejo.  Our first place for beginners is called Lineup Surf Camp.  This great camp offer packages that include accommodation, kite rental and lessons etc.  What is even better for the beginner is that they also have launch boats, so they can take you out into the sea and teach you well away from people etc.  They give lessons on the beach also, but being able to launch in the ocean enables them to seek wind on those (rare) low wind days in the Canaries.  



Learning to Kitesurf on holiday in Greece

Beginners kitesurf lessons in Greece are marvellous because of the warm water, the steady wind and the lack of rain.  It's a mecca for those learning this great new sport.  Two great places for beginners kitesurfing vacations are Limnos and Rhodes.  Two of our favourites are right on the beach, have both glamping and apartment options, but most importantly they are excellent kitesurf teachers, helping beginners learn to kitesurf for years.  They always have the best equipment, and you will learn to kitesurf quickly and easily.

Keros Beach Surf Club is on Limnos.  They have been teaching people to kite for years.  Beginners and intermediates progress really quickly, and the setup there is amazing.  There are excellent facilities for families, couples and solo travellers with yoga, SUP etc on top of the hours you will spend learning to kitesurf.


Learning to kitesurf at Theologos Beach Village is a great option if you are a beginner kitesurfer on Rhodes.  One of the newest setups on Rhodes, so the accommodation is great a right next to the sea.  They offer lessons with experienced teachers on new equipment.  They also offer massage therapies and have a great laid-back atmosphere.



Learning to Kitesurf on holiday in Morocco/Dakhla

Morocco and Dakhla are a real beginners kitesurf 'trip'.  The edge of the beautiful desert meets the Atlantic ocean, giving a steady wind and perfect location to learn to kiteboard.  Both places offer great 'western' accommodation, kitesurfing lessons, new equipment and much more such as Spa's, Yoga, cultural trips etc.  

Kitesurf lessons in Dakhla are great when you stay at Dakhla Camp They get you and up riding in a few days, and you learn on the safety of the lagoon which has perfect flat water. Their food is great and the vibe is laid back and welcoming.  


Morocco is a fantastic place for beginner kitesurfers, the wind, the warmth and the 'out there' vibe is a perfect mix of action holiday and unique holiday.  In Essaouira, there are a few options, but one of the best is the Miramar Hotel.  The traditional Moroccan building with beautiful rooms, and a great location.  These guys have been teaching people to kiteurf for a long time, and they are experts.  Their packages combine lessons and accommodation with extras you may want such as food and yoga.  A swimming pool and sea views are just added extras!



Wherever you decide you want to learn, beginning your kitesurf adventure on a beautiful sunny holiday can only be a good place to begin.  If the options above are not your thing, then use our Kitesurf Trip Finder to design your own bespoke package for the perfect beginners kitesurf vacation.