Rhodes is Greece’s largest island and boasts an incredible 300 days of sunshine per year. Just like many other Greek islands, Rhodes is famous for its stunning beaches and beautiful water and attracts a significant amount of international tourism.


Rhodes Town is the main town, which has a beautiful old city surrounded by walls, counting as one of the biggest and best preserved medieval cities in Europe. In the new part of Rhodes Town you can find everything you know from other bigger cities elsewhere in the world, such as bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, cinemas and plenty of shopping opportunities.


Scattered around the island are dozens of traditional villages including some picturesque mountain villages, while monasteries, castles and archeological sites are abundant on the island.


In terms of culinary matters  - you’re in Greece – get ready to indulge in super fresh and tasty food when in Rhodes, including local fish and meat and very good olive oil.

Sounds pretty good so far? Well, if you love kitesurfing, then there’s yet another reason to fall in love with Rhodes. During the summer, the strong Meltemi wind unleashes its power throughout the island’s coastline, guaranteeing you’ll have an unforgettable kitesurfing holiday in Greece.


Theologos, just five kilometres south of Rhodes Airport, is one of the best kitesurfing spots on Rhodes. Here, the wind blows consistently side-onshore from the southwest, creating amazing conditions for beginners, freeriders and freestylers alike.


Kremasti is another great kite beach only about 20 minutes from Rhodes Town. Here, you can ride in amazingly consistent wind that gets stronger after lunch, ideal for those who like a good party and don’t make it out of bed early. Depending on the wind, the water is flat to choppy and further outside, you can even enjoy some wind swell with your directional board.


In terms of activities other than kiting, there are so many things to do we wouldn’t be able to list them all. Our advice: Get into explorer mode and make your way through ancient ruins, museums and historic sites or go diving, trekking, horse riding or quad biking for more outdoor adventure.

What to expect: Kitesurfing on Rhodes means kiting in super consistent wind and warm water. Theologos and Kremasti are two of Greece’s best kitesurf beaches, suited for beginners, freeriders and freestylers. Solo travellers can meet and mingle with other travellers while couples and families can enjoy the laidback vibe of Rhodes.


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