Summer kitesurf holidays

The northern hemisphere is warming up, so if you haven’t already got your next kite trip planned in for this summer then check out our suggestions for the best places guaranteed to provide you with wind and sunshine.

Whether you’re planning on taking up kitesurfing, looking to improve your skills, or are looking for the perfect conditions to lock in some more advanced moves, has an incredible range of options to suit all skill levels and all budgets.

Here are some of our favorites…


At the very heart of the European summer kitesurf holidays scene is Tarifa – it has been the most popular destination for European wind lovers for over 50 years. And for good reason: it is the windiest place in Europe! The town is now 100% committed to kitesurfing and there are schools, shops and accommodation options throughout the town. There is also plenty going on after hours so you can kite all day and party all night and – with reasonably priced flights from across Europe – it is one of the cheapest places to get to as well.

Best spot? Valdevaqueros. This is the hub of the kite scene and the beach that most schools operate from.

What size kites? 7-9m recommends: 100% Fun


The Greek islands have been recognised as one of the ultimate Summer kitesurf holidays destinations for decades – there is amazing history and cultural heritage, incredible food and 100% guaranteed sunshine. And now there is also a massive range of kitesurfing options! With warm Mediterranean water Greece is kitesurfing nirvana with a cultural and culinary twist…

Best spot? Lefedka(Limnos) offers turquoise water and stunning backdrops that will remain long in your memory.

What size kites? 10m and 12m recommends:  Surf Club Keros


Another summer and winter kitesurf holiday location with a rich history for those who love the wind, Fuerteventura has been on the radar of kitesurfers since the early 2000s. As a destination it offers an incredible variety of conditions, with lagoon style beaches to the south )which are the perfect place to learn and a playground for freestyle enthusiasts) and with more exposed beaches to the north which offer some incredible waveriding conditions for experienced riders. It’s a great summer option but you can expect wall to wall sunshine and wind the whole year round…

Best beach? Flag Beach.

What size kites? 8m and 10m recommends: Line Up


If you want to spend plenty of time in the water but also want to come home feeling like you’ve also travelled to a different culture then Morocco is the place to head. Despite only being a few hours from most European destinations, Morocco feels very different and the history and cultural differences offer a special allure for intrepid kitesurfers looking for an alternative summer kitesurf holiday. From Essaouira in the north through to Dakhla in the south there are plenty of spots that should be on your radar if you want to enjoy sunset sessions with only camels for company and to come home feeling like you’ve seen a bit more of the world…

Best beach? Essaouira

What size kites? 7m and 9m recommends: Surf House