Do you want to learn to kitesurf… in Paradise? Below we have listed some of the greatest camps worldwide if you are wanting to dive into the world of kitesurfing. These camps are the best of the best, featuring top-of-the-line accommodations, instructors, and off-the-water activities. At these camps you will be promised a safe learning environment and high quality kitesurfing instruction.

So… Let’s dive in! Here are our choices for the top 5 best kitesurfing camps for beginners:


1. Algarve Watersport - Portugal

Algarve Watersport

The camp house is situated on the Algarve Coast near Meia Praia Beach. With it’s predictable wind and spacious launching areas, it makes for a perfect beginner’s destination. Out of the 20 available launches, the team at Algarve Watersports will choose the best location for your session based on the day’s conditions and you will be driven there on the camp bus. Also near the house is Lagos, a perfect place to get a bite to eat, go bar-hopping, or get a taste of local culture. The prime location isn’t the only thing that makes this camp a standout - Algarve Watersports also features stunning views from your private or shared room, a pool to relax in after your day on the water, as well as a variety of sports facilities for use by the campers - including a trampoline and pool table!

If this camp sounds like the one for you, have a look at our low prices and booking information here.


2. CostaKite Villa - Costa Rica

Costakite Villa


The CostaKite’s kitesurfing school operates off of the Salinas Bay beaches. Salinas Bay is a life-changing destination with its (almost) constant wind and stunning views of Nicaragua. The water is warm, low traffic, and relatively flat inside the Bay - optimal conditions for a beginner rider. At the CostaKite Villa you will have plenty to do after your day on the water. Surrounded by other kiters you can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, the beautiful sun deck, volleyball and much more. CostaKite has it all!

Dreaming of your trip to the Costakite Villa? Check out some additional details and the latest pricing/booking information to ensure your perfect vacation.


3. Point Break Watersports - Canary Island

Situated in Corralejo, Fuerteventura close to both the beach and the town center, Point Break Watersports is the perfect camp for you! The kite beach is exposed to the prevailing trade winds most of the year, but on the offwind days, there is still much to do at Point Break Watersports including quality surf, SUP, and yoga. Point Break Watersports is a gorgeous school featuring several beautiful murals, terraces, spacious shared and private rooms, and a welcoming staff.

Itching to attend kite camp here? Head to our page for Point Break Watersports to book your vacation.


4. Kite Cruise Safari - Egypt



Take a trip to kitesurfing nirvana when you step aboard a 3-deck, 40m, fully crewed, luxury motor yacht that will take you (and hopefully your friends, too) to all of the best kite destinations throughout the Red Sea. The Red Sea provides prime kiting conditions for riders of all levels with its steady year around wind, private white, sandy beaches, and warm, turquoise waters… Honestly, what more could you ask for? You can book your kitesurfing lessons beforehand so that you’re all set to start learning the moment you arrive on board. After your lessons you’ll head back to the yacht, and you can grab something to munch on from the snack bar and then head over to the sun deck to recuperate from your day on the water. Looking for some more activity? Dive, snorkel, or SUP right off the boat!

We seriously don’t think there’s anything better than the Kite Cruise Safari. Book your trip now… you won’t regret it.


5. PK25 - Morocco


PK25 is a school located in Dakhla on the shore of the famous “Dakhla Lagoon.” The location is perfect for kitesurfing with wind blowing from all directions. With views of the entire lagoon from your own bedroom, you’ll be first to check the conditions when you wake up in bed after a good night’s sleep. The school preaches a semi-private/private teaching philosophy, the instructors predict that within 16 hours on the water that you’ll be up and riding! Pick up sports quickly? PK25 offers intermediate and advanced lessons as well! But wait...There’s more: Not only can you take kite lessons here, you can also take daily yoga classes and SUP lessons!

For more information to plan your trip to PK25 in Dakhla, follow the link here.

As a beginner rider, it can be difficult choosing a place to start your kitesurfing journey, but we assure you that any of these kitesurfing camps will provide you with quality instruction, accommodations, and an overall unforgettable experience!