In our previous blog post we talked about some reasons why practicing yoga is a good idea… like a REALLY good idea. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, you can do so here.

Are you ready to assume the title of a “yogi” and change your life for the better? We’re here to help. Below we have gathered some of the most beautiful yoga retreats worldwide AND information on how to book your stay. Enjoy, future yogi masters!


Alright, first off we have Surf Club Keros in Limnos, Greece. Don’t be fooled by the name, surfing is not the only thing this luxury “glamping resort” has to offer. At Surf Club Keros you can practice yoga morning and evening on the beautiful yoga deck at SCK. With a view of Keros Bay, birds chirping, trees providing shade, and the occasional rabbit stopping by to check out your tree pose, your experience as a yogi at Surf Club Keros will be one of a kind. There are two organized sessions daily, but the deck is open all day for independent practice. Is traditional yoga not enough for you? Try SUP yoga! At Surf Club Keros, you and your friends can take advantage of SCK’s specialized “SUP Yoga Hub” which will provide you with a hybrid yoga session that you will never forget! The SUP Yoga Hub is essentially a dock out in the water that you and your friends can “park” your boards around to enjoy a unique and social yoga class!



For super easy booking information and additional details about accommodations, click here.



Next up is Drolma Ling Camping in Rhodes, Greece. Drolma Ling Camping is a yoga retreat center located on a calm and secluded hill that overlooks the town of Theologos. The view from the retreat is stunning! At Drolma Ling, you have three options for sleeping accommodations: Your own personal tent, tents provided from Drolma Ling, or (if available) one of the two houses located at the retreat. Your stay at Drolma Ling will be just what you need to get hooked on the practice of yoga… with yoga lessons and Thai massage provided daily, you’ll never want to leave this dreamy retreat!



Check out Drolma Ling’s nightly rates!



Third, we have Convento Arcadia in the beautiful and adventurous Atins, Brazil. Convento Arcadia features a beautiful open air yoga studio that will provide you with a one of a kind experience! When you’re not practicing, you can relax in a hammock at Convento, or walk only 100m to the beach! Not to mention, Atins is home to some huge sheltered lagoons, perfect flatwater, and “blow-dryer” wind… So kiteboarding is definitely an option! Convento has a couple options for accomodations. There’s the main house which sleeps a total of eight people, and the there’s three chalets that have a double bed and two singles - all are great options!



Interested in some more information? We got you covered.


Stay tuned to our blog for posts weekly! Have a good trip!