Do you wish to perfect your kitesurfing skills in a windy and tropical location? If you do, then you need to visit the 10 Worlds Best Kitesurfing locations.  In order to find the perfect kitesurfing spot, there are several factors to consider – factors like how choppy, wavy, and flat the water is the weather condition and location's general vibe. We have selected 10 top kitesurfing locations for a memorable, epic, and wind-fuelled adventure!

Nabq Egypt

Napq is Located on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula between the backpacker haven of Dahab and the glitzy haven hub of Sharm-el-Sheikh, these desert beach resorts are for kite surfers from around the world who want to kitesurf like the Egyptians in unwavering winds across the Gulf of Aqaba.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, there are two windy seasons – the Northwest monsoon wind kicks in with a less power, averaging between 17-20 knots. The strongest wind is brought on by the south-west monsoon which is from May to September, delivering 20-knot winds a day. There is a wave riding spots such as flat water lagoons, downs winders, and warm tropical waters. The spot has friendly locals, succulent food, interesting culture and sports (SUP, surfing, wakeboarding, and diving). Sri Lanka is definitely one of the 10 Worlds Best Kitesurfing places.

Taveuni Island, Fiji

TAVEUNI Island is a perfect kitesurfing spot blessed with strong consistent winds passing between the islands around Taveuni. A stretch of shallow flat water created by a nearby reef makes it a sight to behold. You can explore the inhabited areas of the surroundings for more adventure.


Tarifa is one of the most popular spots in Europe and consequently makes the 10 Worlds Best Kitesurfing locations list.  A home to over 30 kite schools, shops, and equipment design centers. A lot of kites are seen flying on the golden sands of this insanely beautiful traditional city. So many top freestyle athletes call Tarifa their home.  Check out Tarifa

Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter is known as a beach town which sits on the southeast coast of Florida, and the water there offers everything from lustrous flat water to big swells for the professional riders. The locals in Jupiter, Florida are friendly and welcoming. If you are a learner you can check out Jupiter Kitesurfing for some lessons or local knowledge

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is arguably one of the best-known kitesurfing locations in the world; the Kite Beach is definitely the best place to experience all that Maui has to offer. The stunning tropical beach has a clean warm water, steady trade winds, long stretches of unraveling water, and gentle waves for professional riders. The area is also known for its world-class instructors and amazing athletes.

Babaomby, Madagascar

Babaomby is located on the Emerald Sea near the northern side of Madagascar. It has one of the best seasons from April to November. The Strong, consistent winds and lubricous waters combine to create comfortable conditions. It has a large, protected lagoon which offers plenty of flat water for honing your technique.



Essaouira, Morocco

When it comes to blending culture and kitesurfing, it is difficult to beat this North African town, where local fishermen enjoy the spoils of the day while skit boarders ride out in the bay. Its best season starts April–September. It beautiful Kite-able coastline stretches along the Atlantic for miles, so there’s plenty of space, with everything from beginners friendly flats water to advanced waves. In July the wind hit 40 knots giving an even great experience.  Check out Essaouira

Boracay, Philippines

The perfect calmness of Boracay may be a boat ride and plane away, but the perfect and enormous kitesurfing conditions make the extra effort worth it. The withdrawn area has conditions for every skill level with silky smooth water all surrounded by stark beauty.  Check out Boracay

Hood River aka the Gorge, USA

The Gorge, USA is the windiest place of windsurfing in the USA; the Columbia River Gorge also provides an awesome kitesurfing experience with riders taking advantage of the strong winds, which make their way down the river at the perfect angle for large massive airs.