Before you know it, the summer holidays will be upon you. With the kids off school, you might be considering taking a trip abroad. But where should you go? And what will you do to keep the little ones occupied and interested? Well, this could be the perfect time to book your dream family kitesurfing holiday.


Here will show you some of our favourite destinations for summer 2018. Each beautiful location offering pristine beaches, fantastic weather and brilliant kitesurfing opportunities for the whole family to enjoy.


1. Sicily, Italy

Sicily is among the most popular places to try kitesurfing in Europe. Perfect for beginners and those seasoned-surfer, Lo Stagnone is a lagoon which has been transformed into a nature reserve, abundant with a variety of animal species.


With more than 300 days of wind a year, you are almost guaranteed the perfect conditions to kitesurf. The warm waters make for a welcoming environment for novices, who are able to cut their teeth on a large meadow with a soft sandy bottom. Once more, Sicily is just a three hour flight from most airports in the UK, perfect for young families who may be taking their first holiday together. Away from the water, the island has a beautiful landscape and countless places to refuel on the finest Italian gastronomy.


2. Canary Islands

Kitesurfing in Fuerteventura is an activity that the whole family can enjoy throughout the year. But the summer months welcome more clearer and warmer weather. While the whole island enjoys trade winds, Corralejo and El Cotillo are certainly the prime locations for your kitesurfing holiday.


Corralejo in the north offers plenty for beginners and the more advanced surfers in the family, with some waves on offer, as well as sheltered spots. While El Cotillo on the western coast is ideal for wave-hungry surfers.


3. Portugal



Everyone will have their own take on the perfect place to go on a kitesurfing holiday. This is why it can be so hard to settle on one destination. But what if there was a place that was diverse enough to satisfy everybody? Well your prayers have been answered.


In Portugal you have numerous locations to kitesurf, each with its own unique appeal. This is a destination where you can head to one place and stick with it for a week, or, why not spend a little longer in the country and really appreciate this wonderful country.


You can start your little Portugal kitesurfing adventure in the north, where you can take your pick from countless wave riding spots or miles of beaches perfect for freestyle surfers. Head down towards the central west coast, a hub for schools and centres where anyone can learn. Here you can also soak up some culture in the capital, Lisbon. Finish your Tour de Portugal in the south, where you can choose between the flatwater spots along the Algarve, or the more exposed beaches on the west coast.


However you choose to do your kitesurfing holiday in Portugal, you are sure that you will not be disappointed.


Where ever you choose to go for your family kitesurfing holiday in 2018, have a look at the best times to visit are. While many of the destinations that we feature also have lesson options for beginners.