Kitesurfing Vacations Brazil overview 

Brazil is famous not just for the salsa, the carnival and the Copacabana, but also for its incredibly consistent wind stats which make kitesurfing Brazil very much a ‘no brainer’. At the heart of the scene is the Ceara region on the north-east coast. The wind here is consistent, but not too strong – conditions that make it accessible for beginners, as well as more experienced kiters focussed on improving their technique. There are countless lagoons as well as plenty of open ocean and several companies offering truly epic downwinders… Brazil has proven itself as the ultimate destination for the European winter when cheap living and epic conditions make kitesurfing Brazil a popular option. Particularly in recent years when Australia and other popular winter destinations have become more expensive, it is fair to say that you won’t be alone on your Brazilian adventure. But thankfully there is plenty of kitesurfing Brazil to go around… 

Where to kitesurf on vacation in Brazil 

1. Caera 

If you have seen a photo of Brazil in a magazine – quite possible on the cover – then the likelihood is that it is from somewhere in the Caera region. The growth of the region (and of kitesurfing Brazil) mirrors the growth of the sport and the area has become more iconic with every year. The most famous town and lagoons are those of Cumbuco and Cauipe and you could find yourself sharing the water with a world champion or two also making the most of kitesurfing Brazil.   

2. Rio Grande do Norte 

As the popular spots become a little busier, adventurous kiters have begin exploring a little further afield and have found several other fantastic option for kitesurfing Brazil. Heading south east from Fortaleza the breaks of Rio Grande do Norte offer plenty for the aspiring freestyler but also more for waveriders, with a host of decent reef and beach breaks. 

3. The South 

Although the lagoons and climate of the north of the country grab the headlines, the south also has some great wind stats, great spots and a warm climate. And you could even time things to catch the Carnival! Florianopolis offers some great wave riding with a local crew of riders keen to show newcomers the way around and there are also some great spots within drivable distance of Rio de Janeiro… In fact, I it wasn’t for the north grabbing the headlines, the south would probably be one of the international ‘go to’ spots.   

If you had to pick one kitesurfing spot… 

It may count as one of the busiest spots for kitesurfing Brazil, but no respectable kitesurfers trip to Brazil would be complete without hitting up Cumbuco. This is a town which has grown up with kiting – where a lot of the local kids now make a living and support their families through the sport and which can be considered a genuine heartland for kitesurfing. It may get busy but you can find yourself some space, and no kitesurfing Brazil trip would be complete without heading here.   

Brazil kitesurfing conditions + what to take 

If you are heading to the Caera region then it’s pretty simple: boardies/bikini and bigger kites. You can expect the water to be around 27 degrees and the air temp a little higher. It’s heaven. You’re unlikely to need anything smaller than a 9, and for those early morning or late night sessions it definitely pays to have a 13 or 14m in the bag. For further south you’ll need a shorty or a thin full suit and you might need a smaller kite – and put your surfboard in for sure…