Where to Kitesurf in the Canary Islands

Kitesurfing Canary islands boast year-round sunshine, warm waters and ultra consistent wind.  Kitesurfing in the Canary Islands offers so many different conditions that they attract beginners and pros alike.  With flat water heaven, and some of the best wave kiting on the planet the Canary Islands have it all. There is a long history of tourism giving you options for all the family, or for a hardcore kiting adventure.  The warm north-easterly trade winds are prevalent throughout the year, giving access to a huge range of kiting kiting spots; from the sheltered beaches for beginners on the southern sides of the islands, to the more exposed northerly parts for advanced riders.  

Top kitesurfing spots...

1) Flag Beach, Fuerteventura

Flag Beach is huge and a major kitesurfing spot with seven kilometres of white sand. There is a consistent cross shore wind with the best conditions between March and November.  During the winter months wind direction is less regular and you can expect some solid surf conditions.

2) Sotavento, Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing Sotavento is easy and forgiving.  To the south of the island, is Sotavento kitesurfing beach. It is a huge wide-open beach with warm shallow lagoons for cruising and laying down some tricks as well as plenty of options outside of the lagoon.

3) Famara Beach, Lanzarote

Kitesurfing Famara Beach has it all.  Located on the north-eastern side of Lanzarote it is a six-kilometre sandy beach with a huge and beautiful backdrop. It is best to kite – and safest for beginners – at low tide. 

4) El Medano, Tenerife

Kitesurfing El Medano on Tenerife you will find great conditiona all year round, with the strongest wind months in July and August. Winds generally come from the north-east.

5) Vargas Beach, Gran Canaria

Kitesurfing in Vargas beach is perfect for kitesurfers of all levels with consistent wind and waves. It is close to Ingenio and the airport and is in a protected area. For the more advanced kitesurfers, the wave has different beaks that run left and right and sometimes tube.  The wind is really consistent from April to September making it an ideal kitesurfing spot. The beach is best at low tide and the size of the beach means it is easy to launch at high or low tide.  

6) Salinas de Pozo, Gran Canaria

Kitesurfing Salinas de Pozo is a great beginners spot.  Located on the southeast coast of Gran Canaria it is a perfect spot to learn to kitesurf in the waves with different peaks up and down the beach. The area is windy, especially between April and September when the winds are at their most powerful and consistent.  Due to the waves this spot is ideal for medium to expert level kitesurfers and that the best winds are N-NE.

Kitesurfing conditions and what to take

The Canary islands provide a warm climate and dependable weather all year round - hence they are one of the most popular destinations for European travellers seeking some autumn, winter or spring sun! You can expect the air temp to be pleasant even through the winter months and summer can get hot. 

The islands are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so you will need a wetsuit year round. A shorty is fine in the summer and a fullsuit for the rest of the year.

Kitesurfing in The Canary Islands offers everything you need from a beginner level to pro-expert so you you can bring whatever kit works best for the level you are at. Your normal quiver will work perfectly here - a 9 and 12m should cover most conditions. If you are kitesurfing in waves, then bring a high performance board as you can expect to score some world-class conditions.

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