Kitesurfing Vacations Egypt

There are only a few ‘guaranteed wind and sun’ places on the planet and unsurprisingly they are no secret to experienced kitesurfers. So when it comes to booking your summer trip, kitesurfing Egypt is guaranteed to be close to the top of your list. With a short flight time from most European destinations, a very well established tourist network and hundreds of cheap flights every day, kitesurfing Egypt will take your kitesurfing up to the next level without you needing to re-mortgage your house… The kitesurfing scene is well established and has built on the previously popular windsurf scene and a well-established dive scene, ensuring that kitesurfing Egypt is as easy as it gets, with the hotels and locals all cued up and ready to ensure that you get on the water with minimum fuss. Couple this with the average air temperature (over 30 degrees) and the perfect water temperature (between 20 and 30 degrees!) and it’s pretty easy to see that there’s a whole lot to love about kitesurfing Egypt.

Away from the beaches there is obviously do in a country with such a great deal of things to do in a country with such a lot of history.  The Pyramids, Nile cruises, the bustle of Cairo, and the breathtaking Sahara desert to name a few.

Where to kitesurf on vacation in Egypt

There are four main locations if you want to kitesurf on vacation in Egypt.  These are El Gouna, Safaga, Soma Bay and Hurghada.

1) El Gouna

Kitesurf El Gouna is an experience not to be missed.  The resorts are spread across islands interlinked by lagoons with a huge 10km long beach front.  It is an area frequently visited by all watersports enthusiasts and boasts sunshine and top quality wind all year.  It also has a great deal of stunning natural beauty.  The nightlife is famous, the cuisine excellent and the town vibrant... although you also have a tranquil and peaceful escape. 

2) Safaga

Kitesurfing Safaga is kitesurfing Egypt's best-known resort for kitesurfers and windsurfers.  Wide and spacious beaches, plenty of room and plenty of wind make this a must visit spot for many.  The stunning desert and the crystal clear azure sea is kitesurfing paradise!  There is an easily accessible waist deep dedicated kitesurf zone, so it is the perfect place to learn and the outstanding wind potential means this place hits the spot for both beginners and pros alike. There are also plenty of other activities such as diving, and desert trips to occupy you and your family for a complete holiday.

3) Soma Bay

Kitesurfing Soma bay is kitesurfing Egypt's luxury
resort on the Red Sea.  Soma Bay has gorgeous white sandy beaches and stunning wide views of desert mountains.  It is surrounded on all sides by the sea and has sunshine and mild temperatures all year.  The steady wind and warm water make it an ideal kitesurfers destination year round.

4) Hurghada

It doesn’t get much easier than flying in to Hurghada airport and hopping in a taxi to one of the closest beaches. You can be out of the plane and planing across the Red Sea in an hour or so… The beaches of El Gouna are world renowned (and recently hosted an epic WKL event) and flat water perfection. Heading south the beaches around Soma are favorites with pro riders looking to hone their skills between comps, and then south from there is Safaga which has one of the most popular beaches in Egypt but there is still plenty of room for everyone… If you’re looking for a quieter experience kitesurfing Egypt, then there are plenty of beaches and accommodation options further south from here without the associated touristy vibe.

If you had to pick one kitesurfing spot…

Soma Bay offers plenty of space and some incredible flatwater conditions. Depending on the time of year and you might also find some obstacles in the water and some pro riders working on their skills. But the great thing about Egypt is that there are no surprises and anywhere you opt for is going to deliver the goods. Guaranteed. 

Egypt kitesurfing conditions + what to take

Typical wind speed are between 15 and around 25 knots so a 9 and 12m combo should do you fine. If you’re foiling recreationally (and Egypt is an insane options for this!) then you’ll be fine with a 7 and 9m. The wind does occasionally come through stronger in the afternoons so if you don’t want to be too stacked and have some baggage allowance left, then you could put in a smaller kite too… In terms of rubber for kitesurfing Egypt, summertime you’ll be fine in boardies/bikini then in the shoulder season you’ll need a shorty or a 3/2 fullsuit.