Where to kitesurf in Greece

One of Europes most consistent locations for a kitesurf holiday Greece.  Bathed in all-year-round sunshine, warm seas, white sand beaches and consistent wind, a kitesurf holiday in Greece is one of the best destinations for solo travellers, groups or couples seeking to get away from it all.  It has 14,000 kilometres of coastline and 227 inhabited islands, most of them blessed with Meltemi winds which make Greece the ultimate kitesurf destination.

There are a large variety of accommodation choices for a kitesurf holiday Greece including are kitesurf camps, hotels, villas and apartments.  There are also a large number of Greece kitesurf schools offering Greece kitesurf lessons to all abilities.  Top that with the world famous Greek food, friendly people, family friendly services and unique landscapes, and you have a winner!  

Top kitesurfing spots...

There are a number of key locations to kitesurf in Greece:  Rhodes; Kos; and Limnos are popular greek kitesurf holiday destinations and tend to have the most consistent conditions and a great variety of different accommodation.

1)  Limnos

Kitesurfing Limnos island offers friendly and safe beaches, local traditional cuisine, protected ecosystems, plus being right in the ‘eye’ of the Meltemi makes Limnos stand out as a destination.

Kitesurfing Keros beach is the main kite spot on the island. When it comes to super safe, sandy, beginner friendly beaches with stunning colours, it doesn’t get any better than kitesurfing Keros beach. Not to mention the space. The 3 kilometer bay means that there is room for everyone. But the good part is: it never gets crowded! Only featuring a few accommodation options nearby, and with only a few villages within a 15 kilometer area, Keros is a place for the nature loving rider who wants to ride without fuss and enjoy the turquoise coloured water and the refreshing Meltemi wind.

To make things even better, at Keros beach you can find three different types of conditions. On the north side of the bay there is an ultra-flat section where you can see the shadow of yourself riding in the shallow deep sandy bottom, in the middle of the bay (where Surf Club Keros is) you start flat but you get some nice chop once you go further out that will help you practice jumps and moves. On the south side of the bay, there is a mini-wave spot, with 1m waves on average, that have a nice distance between them, making it a perfect spot for someone learning to ride waves.

Limnos features 260 kilometers of coastline, with volcanic rock formations and more than 100 beaches. You can often find yourself on a beach alone, even in high season.

For more adventure, there is a horse riding club on the island, there are boat rides and sailing trips to nearby islands.

There are lots of activities for kids, and every June and July there is the ‘Surfing Birds Kids club’ where kids visit for a week and take part in beach and watersport activities.

2)  Rhodes

Kitesurfing Rhodes is excellent.  Rhodes is Greeces largest island and is bathed in sunshine year round.  It offers excellent kitesurfing opportunities with a number or kitesurf schools and accommodation providers.  There are areas to kitesurf for all ability levels and the warm water and consistent wind make this an excellent spot choice.  There are excellent opporunities to have quiet evening dinners watching the sun go down, or you can pop into tow to sample some of the famous Greek hospitality and nightlife into the early hours.

Kitesurfing Kremasti and Prasonisi are the two main beaches on the island to kitesurf and they both have their unique benefits.  Kremasti is a quieter spot with amazingly consistent wind.  12m in the mornign moving to a 9m in the afternoon is often the call.  It's 20 minutes to the main town and it's a great place to chill out and focus on your technique.

Kitesurfing Prasonisi is the other main spot with both flat water and wave action.  The wind here is often a little stronger and you can be riding a 9m all day.  Again it's not a huge party town, but there are lovely places to eat and drink and the main town is not too far if you're looking for nightlife.

3)  Kos

Kitesurfing Kos is a well established holiday destination and an excellent one for kitesurfing.  With consistent wind all year round, the north of the island tends to be the place where the kitesurfers ride.  There are a few main beaches with two of them being Psalidi and Marmari.  

Kitesurfing Pasalidi is a great cross-shore location with wind coming from the left and a wide sandy beach that is great for both beginners and advanced alike.  Warm and flat water is the usual with some occasional wind swell if you want to carve of even launch.

Kitesurfing Marmari is consistently cross / on shore so could be seen as a safer bet if you are learning.  Wide sandy beaches enable safe landing and launching and the consistent wind give you all the opportunity you need to eith learn or develop your kitesurfing skills.

Kitesurfing conditions and what to take

Being in the Mediterranean, Greece is generally a flat water destination so the general advice is to take a Twinny.  There are times when the wind whips up some swell, but it's not known as a wave spot.  The usual kites would be a 12m and a 9m, but you can often find people unpacking a 7m or even a 5m for those really windy afternoons.  

You can generally ride in your boardshorts and bikinis, but some people will put on a rashy or a shorty to keep the windchill off.

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