Kitesurfing Vacations in Mauritius overview

Whatever your chosen sport in life, there will come with it an ‘iconic’ destination. If you’re into golf it’s probably Augusta, if motor racing’s your bag then maybe it’s Le Mans, if you’re into kiting then it should be kitesurfing Mauritius. It is famed for the insane perfection for waveriding that is One Eye, but there is a whole lot more on offer as well. You can ‘choose your lagoon’ pretty much anywhere around the entire island, with spot such as Bel Ombre providing freestyle perfection.

And of course you want to kite, but don’t forget that you are in Mauritius. An island idyll that is everything you imagined  you’d get from white sand tropical perfection. You may think it’s a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip – but once you’ve been once you’ll be back kitesurfing Mauritius before too long…

There are several regions for kitesurfing vacations in Mauritius:

Le Morne
This is the busiest area for kitesurfing and where most of the schools and centers are based. The lagoon is wide and gets steady wind from the prevailing easterly direction. It is around waist deep throughout but watch out for coral heads. Outside of the lagoon you will find the numerous wave option.  There is Manawa to the left of the reef pass which is a great warm up with a more crossshore wind and a channel to ride off in to. As you cross the reef pass you then meet up with the various sections that make up the famous wave over here. The first section (Chameaux) can be a bit tricky but you can leave this out and drop straight into the main One Eye wave. The wind become progressively more offshore as you follow the reef around. It’s the stuff of legend and if you are a relatively competent waverider within your grasp. The wave is for more experienced riders but the lagoon on the inside is perfect for all levels.

Bel Ombre
Bel Ombre is  suitable for beginners, advanced kite-surfers and anything in between. The spacious lagoon has flat water which is perfect for learning. Centres and schools teach from the beach and you have a massive lagoon to explore. There are also wave options out beyond the reef and you can also take on the legendary downwinders towards Le Morne.  

Belle Mare
Leaving the south coast and there are plenty of great options for kitesurfing Mauritius all over the island – Belle Mare on the east coast is another hub with plenty of standing depth water for beginners and also with wave options outside of the reef. The wind tends to be a little lighter here than on the south coast.  

The North
There are a couple of better known spots in the north of the island, Cap Malheureux is a super-scenic place to kite and Ande de la Raie has a couple of good wave spots. As far as dependable destinations go, the south coast for kitesurfing Mauritius is pretty unbeatable, but if you are unlucky or you’re there out of season (or you fancy a change!) then there are plenty of other beaches so don’t be afraid to explore...      

If you had to pick one kitesurfing spot…

It would have to be One Eye. A spot of kitesurfing legend – the ultimate wave for kitesurfing… There are several sections to the wave which link up when things get big. As you start riding the wave the wind is pretty crossshore, then as you ride in and the reef bends inward the wind gets progressively more offshore. This means that the wave is actually not particularly difficult to ride as you really don’t have to think about your kite too much – it will just sit behind the wave and let you do your thing…  

Mauritius kitesurfing conditions + what to take

The main ‘guaranteed wind’ season for kitesurfing Mauritius runs from mid-March through to the end of December. The wind is strongest in April, August, September and October. But out of these times you can still expect to get a good percentage of days on the water and it will be generally quieter.

In terms of the best kites to take, you will want to plan for a couple of lighter days – so if you are heading out to One Eye it’s worth putting a 12m in as you really don’t want to  be sat on the beach wishing you had slotted that bigger kite in… For freestyle definitely pack a 14m. Then your ‘most used’ kites will probably be an 8 or 9 in the surf or a 10 or 11 in the lagoon.

The water temperature is warm, but you might want to put a rashie to keep the sun off and to buy you an extra hour or so if a bit of wind chill kicks in…