Kitesurfing Vacations - Morocco overview

Moroccan kitesurfing provides the perfect mix of perfect kitesurfing, idyllic beach life and rich culture. It is a hugely popular destination for kitesurfers from Europe and beyond due to both its incredible conditions and its climate… When even the southernmost spots in Europe can be struggling with their temperatures and thermal winds, Morocco serves up dependable wind and great conditions all year round. Kitesurfing Morocco is particularly popular during the ‘shoulder seasons’ in Europe, so for a March/April or an October/November trip Morocco is the place to be…

Morocco has been on the radar of wind lovers for many years and was a popular destination for windsurfers in the 1980s, many of whom ended up staying much longer than planned due to the relaxed lifestyle indicated by the fact that Morocco was popularised in the 60s and 70s as part of the hippy trail. Windsurfers then became kitesurfers, but the vibe has remained the same.

Whether you head for the vibrancy of Essaouira – with its incredible Medina (and incredible wave spots!) – or south to the desert of Dakhla, kitesurfing Morocco is unlike anywhere else.  

Where to kitesurf on vacation in Morocco

The two main areas for kitesurfing Morocco are at the northern and the southern end of the country:

1. Essaouira

Kitesurfing Essaouira is to the north and is perfectly set up for riders from beginner through to advanced. For beginners kitesurfing in Essaouira, the large bay provides perfect conditions for learning in a totally safe environment. Then for more advanced riders looking to get their hit in the waves, they can head north to Moulay or south to Sidi Kaouki for world class kitesurfing breaks.

2. Dakhla

Head to the other end of the country and you get to Dakhla… With an average of over 300 days wind a year it’s as good as it gets for kiting. Freestylers you can ride in the lagoon and for waveriding the west coast has some epic spots.  

If you had to pick one kitesurfing spot…

For freestyle riding the ‘Speed Spot’, which is tucked away at one end of Dakhla’s massive lagoon, offers the very best in butter flat freestyle kitesurfing conditions. The PKRA had a stop kitesurfing Morocco for several years and it proved to be one of the favourites of the riders. It is usually perfect wind for your 11 or 12m and you can expect to spot a few pros in the water brushing up on their skills in this perfect playground for freestyle kitesurfing.  

Morocco kitesurfing conditions + what to take

If you are in the north kitesurfing around Essaouira then the water temperature is pleasant all year round. You can wear a shortie or a neoprene rash vest for the summer, then for the rest of the year you’ll be fine in a 3/2 full suit. For kites, the wind can really blow through in the afternoon so if you are heading out after midday a 7m is a definite (or a 5m in the waves). Morning and evening can be lighter, so if you can get a 12 in as well then that would be a good plan.

For the south around Dakhla: it’s the desert! It’s pretty hot... You should be fine in a boardies and something to keep the sun off in the summer, then for the rest of the year a shortie or a rash vest will be fine in the lagoon. If you’re heading for the west coast then you’ll need a 3/2 for the colder months. For kites, the wind can be a lighter than up north so you definitely want to have one bigger kite to maximise your chances of some lagoon sessions, and you’re unlikely to need anything smaller than an 8m