Kitesurfing Vacations Sardinia overview

Although Sardinia lies in the heart of the Mediterranean - known for its stunning white sandy beaches, crystal clear azure water and consistent wind conditions - kitesurfing vacations in Sardinia is not just flat water, Sardinia has waves too and plenty of them.  Discovered as a windsurfer's destination in the late 70s the quality and the consistency of the wind is well known and the island is something of a Mecca for all wind seekers.  The fabulous cuisine, the history and culture, and the access to vibrant nightlife make Sardinia a popular place for families and groups too.  

Where to kitesurf on vacation in Sardinia

1.  Porto Pollo

Kitesurfing Porto Pollo is Sardinia's most well known kitesurf destination.  Lying on the north of the island it is open to the Mistral wind and a classic freeride venue with excellent waves and because of this has become one of Europe's most popular freeride venues.  Because of the two large bays, when it's onshore and choppy one side, it is mirror flat the other.  There is a natural wind tunnel and, because of this, it boasts one of the most consistent wind stats in Europe.

2.  La Cinta (San Teodoro)

Kitesurfing La Cinta is another well know and consistent spot on the north shore of Sardinia.  The long wide beach is the centre of Sardinia's kitesurf scene during the popular kitesurfing event in September, the San Teodoro Eventa.  There's official kites-zone in the middle of the beach and there can often be wind here when other places are still.

3.  Chia

On the south of the island lies Chia, with a beautiful wide and white sandy beach, crystal clear water and stunning scenery, this is a gem of a spot.  It works on a range of wind conditions and can boast some excellent surf too.  Kitesurfing Chia is an experience not to be missed!

4.  Cagliari

Kitesurfing Cagliari is a classic race and slalom venue.  It stretched over 7km from end to end and some of Italy's best racers train around here.  It can work in all winds, which is why it is such a consistent and regular spot.   

If you had to pick one kitesurfing spot…

Kitesurfing in Porto Pollo has it all.  The islands freeride venue has a reputation for excellence for a reason.  Friendly vibes in the water, working in a multitude of wind conditions and the stunning scenery all combine to make it a perfect kitesurfing spot.

Sardinia kitesurfing conditions + what to take

If you took a 9m and 12m for Sardinia you would get to ride most days, although you might want something smaller for those really steady Mistral winds.  In the summer you can be riding in boardies and bikinis.  The  warm water and guaranteed sunshine mean that you can experience long days on the beach without thinking about the neoprene.  The spring and autumn are the best months, however, and this will call for a shorty or thinner full suit.