Kitesurfing Vacations in Sicily overview

It’s a little-known fact that Sicily is home to one of the best spots for kitesurfing in Europe… With a huge, shallow, flat-water lagoon, the most popular spot for kitesurfing Sicily, Lo Stagnone, is situated at the westernmost part of the island, on an unspoiled nature reserve – perfect for learning and enjoying kiteboarding. Winds are steady throughout the year and temperatures are generally pretty balmy for kitesurfing Sicily. The water temperature, due to the shallowness and sheltered nature of the lagoon, can be positively hot. Beginners benefit from unchallenged conditions – the lagoon has a soft, sandy bottom, and there’s a large meadow for lessons. Advanced kiters are no longer limited by safety area boundaries, and are free to explore the lagoon to its furthest edges – taking in the expanse of salt pans dotted with red-tiled windmills and little islands. Expert freestyle riders will have a blast on the many various flat water spots created by the islands and by the salina walls that surround the salt-pans.

Where to Kitesurf on vacation in Sicily

The set up at the most popular spot for kitesurfing vacations in Sicily, La Stagnone, is basically just one big pretty perfect waist deep space… Beginners’ lessons take place on a wide, semi-grassy area in the water close to the beach, which is safe and supervised. Advanced riders generally keep their distance from the students kitesurfing Sicily and cruise the lagoon, where there are literally thousands of hectares of space to find your perfect spot.

Right on the waterfront are some newly built apartments for kitesurfers, and lining the roads nearby are many B&Bs and cottages whose terraces fill up in the evenings with locals and visitors alike, playing guitar, socializing and hanging out.

Stagnone is open to the sea at two points: in the north at San Teodoro, and in the south, close to the city of Marsala. The shallow waters are easily warmed by the sun.  

If you had to pick one kitesurfing spot…

La Stagnone is the go-to spot in Siciliy. It is suitable for all levels and is the perfect place to learn. For more advanced riders heading to kitesurf Sicily (and a lot of pro riders head there to train) there are some good spots in the main lagoon where you can find butter flat conditions and you can also head a little further afield and find truly perfect setups without another kiteboarder in site...  

Sicily kitesurfing conditions + what to take With over 300 windy days per year, you can pick pretty much any time to kitesurf at Lo Stagnone. The conditions are created by the temperature difference between the open cold sea and the much warmer waters of the shallow lagoon create thermal winds from north and south. Often, even when there is no wind forecast, Lo Stagnone will still receive these strong thermal winds – making it one of the windiest kite spots for Kitesurfing Sicily. 

Aside from the thermals, Stagnone works with two opposite wind systems: the Northerly (N, NE, NW) and the Southerly (between Scirocco and SW). The Mistral wind from the north is clean and stable, while the nervous Scirocco is very gusty. The positioning of Stagnone lagoon’s islands also creates channels that accelerate the wind speed. During the summer, the temperatures are around 25-30 Celsius, and the wind is stable, with average of 4 Bft.

During spring and autumn, the wind direction is more variable and tends to be stronger than in the summer. Depending on whether it’s coming in from the south, north or west, the changing winds create unique new spots on the lagoon. Winter winds are usually stronger, but wetsuits are advised, since the temperature drops to 15 Celsius during the day. There is no tidal force in the lagoon, but the water level can change depending on wind direction. While the north wind pushes the water outside of the lagoon, southerly wind pushes the water in, increasing the water level.